Is pizza unhealthy?

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Yes. Pizza is unhealthy. Pizza is high in fat, sodium, and calories. Most people like getting meat on their pizza which makes it even more unhealthy. If you would like to make your pizza healthier try getting as many vegetables as possible and get the thinnest crust. A thin crust veggie pizza is almost nutritious enough to be considered healthy.

Conclusion: Pizza is full of calories, sodium, and fat and is not healthy.

  • Martin Melka

    Clarification – American pizza is unhealthy. It is really greasy and thick. If you get a pizza in an Italian restaurant with just a decent amount of toppings, it is pretty fine.

  • Urabutbl

    Yeah, this needs clarification. A properly put together Italian-style pizza (so thin crust, less cheese, etc), with the right toppings (including protein like meat or chicken) can be one of the most complete meals possible. The answer above seems based on the atrocities you Americans call pizza.

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