The Top Five Types of Thermogenic Supplements

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With the large number of different types of thermogenic supplements to choose from, it can be hard and time-consuming to pick one that will work for you. So, to help you determine which ones are worth testing out, here is a list of the top five types of thermogenic supplements according to weight loss experts and thermogenic supplement users.

First on the list is the synephrine, which is derived from the plant called Citrus aurantium or the bitter orange. Since it is a naturally occurring compound, you can expect that synephrines have fewer and less severe side effects compared to other popular types of thermogenic supplements including the ephedra. Synephrines help you lose weight by stimulating your fat receptors and reserves in order to increase the breakdown and release of fat, which leads to a faster metabolic rate. It is also said that synephrines can suppress your appetite, and increase your energy levels.

Second of the highly rated types of thermogenic supplements is the caffeine ones. It is almost impossible to find weight loss supplements that do not contain caffeine or some other form of it, be it from a green tea extract or guaranine. Caffeine works by targeting your fat cells. It binds itself to them in order to inhibit their formation and buildup. Caffeine is also a naturally occurring stimulant, which gives it the ability to raise your energy levels as well.

The Top Five Types of Thermogenic Supplements

Third on the list is the forskolin, which is a derivative of the plant Coleus for forskohlii. Its main advantage over other types of thermogenic supplements is that it has been clinically proven to be effective in aiding people to lose weight. Other studies show that it can be more suitable for men since forskolin can also increase men’s testosterone levels. Forskolin works by activating a certain type of enzyme, which facilitates the breakdown and release of body fats. The broken down fats can then be used as a source of extra energy that you can use for your other workouts.

Fourth on the list is the carnitine, which has effects similar to those of forskolin. Aside from helping you burn off fat and increase testosterone levels, carnitine is also found to be a great supplement to help you buildup your muscles. It can increase you muscle growth, as well the muscle recovery needed by your body after your workouts.

Last on the list is the yohimbine, which is a naturally occurring active ingredient found in the plant called yohimbe. Studies show that this can effectively burn off fat in its users without even a change in the diet of the users. Like the other types of thermogenic supplements listed here, it works by targeting the fat cells in order to increase body temperature and metabolic rate. An added effect of this one is that it dilates the blood vessels to facilitate the release of body fat and cholesterol in the body.

As you can see, the bests of the different types of thermogenic supplements are of natural origin, so let that be a guide for you when choosing any weight loss products.

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