Pros and Cons of Masturbation

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Masturbation is an act of self-stimulating the genitals and body to achieve sexual pleasure. Almost everyone masturbates. National studies have revealed that almost 95% males and 89% females masturbate. Since masturbation is not the only method to seek orgasm, and not all orgasms are achieved in a healthy way, it has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Pros and Cons of Masturbation

The history of masturbation dates back into ancient times. Physicians back in the early 19th and 20th century even tried to “cure” masturbation. But in the present time, masturbation is no longer a hidden phenomenon and is being explored and encouraged in some cultures. However, current studies reveal both the benefits and drawbacks of masturbation.

Masturbation – The Advantages

Heath professionals and sex therapists have come up with certain pros of masturbation:

Masturbation reduces the risk of prostate-cancer in men. It relieves sexual tension and luckily for women, it relieves menstrual cramps too! It reduces depression and insomnia. It releases mood enhancing hormones as well. It flushes out sexual fluids and improves the immune system. Sex therapists sometimes use it as therapy to cure sexual issues. Healthy masturbation produces fresh sperms, endorphin and white blood cells. One gets to explore one’s body and can deliver better to their sexual partners if they are well aware of their pleasure seeking zones. It overrules the risk of infecting any sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancy. Masturbation is a safe sexual outlet for those who refrain from sexual intercourse, lack sexual partners or do not have an opportunity to mingle much. A study conducted by the Tabriz Medical University found that ejaculation also helped in controlling the swelling of blood vessels, other studies conclude masturbation helps to overcome fatigue, lower blood pressure, improve heart rate etc.

Masturbation – The Disadvantages

Interestingly, the pros of masturbating also turn out to be the cons if taken too far. Here are some facts:

Excessive masturbation has led to complaints of the sexual partners unable to give or take orgasm during sex. It bothers the sexual partners and thus affects relationships. It increases the time to attain sexual satisfaction with a partner. It damages the self-esteem of both men and women not being able to achieve a certain point of stimulation and especially orgasm. When one cannot satisfy their partner, it not only damages the self-esteem of the person trying to give pleasure but also the person who is trying to achieve it. It also fosters feelings of guilt in people who also believe in their religion. Excess of masturbation also lead to fluid and calorie loss from the body leaving it lethargic and exhausted. It also leads to temporary abrasions and discoloration. Using sex toys (usually with female masturbation) can cause internal damages and infections e.g. rectal foreign bodies etc. Compulsive masturbation leads to perversion and turn into an addiction. If masturbation helps in producing sperms, it may also weaken the hormone producing them and interfere with timely ejaculation. There is a connection between hair loss and excessive ejaculation. It leads to the deficiency of protein and thus hair loss. DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is directly related to male baldness due to immense ejection. Obsessive masturbation in men can lead to penile fracture, Peyronie’s disease, Phimosis and swelling of the genitals in women.

Well! let us all agree that excess of anything is harmful. If masturbation is carried out in a healthy way, it has its certain advantages. Compulsive and obsessive self-ejaculation has severe drawbacks and becomes a habit rather than a means of pleasure. We all explore our bodies at a certain point in life and masturbation is a natural act of self-exploration. Let’s not take it farther than that!

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