Is it unhealthy to masturbate frequently?

No. Masturbation is a natural, healthy, and relatively safe process. Although there are hundreds of old wives tales and false facts about masturbating, scientific research has yet to discover evidence that masturbating is unhealthy. So all those myths of “your hands will become hairy”, or “you will go blind”, or absolutely and scientifically wrong.

Masturbation in males actually linked to a decrease in prostate cancer

In a study of over 200,000 people, scientists aimed to test the theory that frequent masturbation increased the risk for prostate cancer (1). After concluding the study, scientists found that males that masturbated an average of 4-7 times a month showed no increase/decrease in a risk of getting prostate cancer. Surprisingly, they actually found that men that masturbated more than 21 times per month showed a lower chance in getting prostate cancer (1).

Although some people have reported discomfort from excessive masturbation, there are scientifically no serious or dangerous side effects of masturbation for men or women (2).

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7 Replies to “Is it unhealthy to masturbate frequently?”

  1. Of course it is! Masturbating will either be thinking about sex or looking at it.

  2. It really isn’t. Your porn just starts getting more and more fucked up and the next thing you know you are jacking off to a woman taking a shit in a goat’s mouth. Then you can’t get off in real life unless you are involved in some really sick shit. That is an extreme case but you get what I’m saying.

  3. Ever heard of psychology? I don’t need to point out that your brain is connected to your body.

  4. I get it. I used to like redheads, then I found the internet.. now Hairy MILF Gaping German Goat-Scat/Slut-Scat Santorum Swapping Snuff Porn doesn’t even get my hopes up anymore.

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