Is eating a McDonald’s salad unhealthy

YES. McDonald’s salads can be very unhealthy. You might think that you are being healthy by eating a salad at McDonald’s but you may be surprised to find out that most of their salads have more calories and fat than their cheeseburgers.

is it unhealthy mcdonalds salad worse than bacon cheeseburger

McDonald’s Southwest Crispy Chicken Salad: 480 Calories, with 24 grams of fat.

McDonald’s Bacon McDouble Cheeseburger: 440 Calories, with 22 grams of fat.

The reason that the salads are so unhealthy is due to the fact that they come with a lot of high calorie foods. First off, the salad comes with a very high fat dressing. Most dressings have well over 10 grams of fat which is a lot of unnecessary calories. Next, most salads come with croutons. Croutons are extremely high in calories which boost up the salad’s calories. Next most salads come with cheese, high in fat and calories, and other sorts of tortilla chips. Finally, if it wasn’t bad enough, the salad then comes with various meats! In the example above the salad came with Crispy chicken. This is deep fried chicken which is extremely unhealthy.

How do I make McDonald’s salads less unhealthy

If you are ever stuck at eating at McDonalds, you should learn some tips on how to order a healthier salad.

  1. If you want chicken on your salad ask for grilled chicken, this is a lot healthier than crispy.
  2. Ask for low fat dressing, by default they will give you the full fat dressing.
  3. If you can eat your salad without dressing you will be saving A LOT of fat and calories.
  4. Get your salad without croutons. As mentioned before they are extremely high in sodium and fat
  5. Avoid additional toppings such as cheese if you can
  6. McDonald’s offers a side salad which has 20 calories! This is their healthiest option (assuming you don’t use dressing)

At their core, salads are very healthy, but the way Americans like to eat them is very unhealthy. So the next time you are McDonald’s and trying to lose weight, reconsider that your “healthy” salad may not be so healthy after all.

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  1. welp this article (?) is retarded, just because it has more calories and fat doesn’t make it unhealthy you still need these each day spoiler you even need 2500!!! calories as a regular man. You just adjust the rest of the days meals around that also there’s the fact that you’re eating lettuce and fruit when I’m looking at the salad, these things are generally more healthy than something that’s almost purely made out of fatty ingredients

  2. Also don’t forget the fact that the double cheeseburger (even with bacon added) is still a small “bargain” burger that is little bigger than the piece of chicken that comes with the SW salad. The salad is a LOT bigger than the cheeseburger.

  3. 500 kcal / meal is fine. Three meals a day and that’s 1500 kcal. That is well under the caloric maintenance level for most people.

  4. If you ate a sensible breakfast (yogurt, toast, fruit) and this for lunch and then again something sensible for dinner, you would be fine.

  5. Grilled chicken and low fat italian or balsamic vinegrette dressing is healthier.

  6. Right on. Different people have different calorie requirements. What is unhealthy food for one person may not be very healthy to others.

  7. I find it interesting that this is title “Is eating a MCDONALDS salad unhealthy”. The way this post is written, it should say “Is eating SALAD unhealthy”. What you’ve called out is completely applicable to any salad, at any restaurant, or home made. This doesn’t discuss McD specific issues at all. Pretty poorly written.

  8. You should be embarrassed you’ve published (presuming it wasn’t just meant to be clickbait). I have this salad right in front of me now. You say “The reason that the salads are so unhealthy is due to the fact that they come with a lot of high calorie foods. First off, the salad comes with a very high fat dressing. Most dressings have well over 10 grams of fat” Well, the packet of the ACTUAL SALAD says that one serving (the whole packet — and I find half of it sufficient FYI) is 8g of fat. Bzzt. Then the next sentence is “Next, most salads come with croutons.” Maybe “most” salads do in some other restaurant, but not McDonalds (not unless you ask for them). The salad in front of me does NOT have croutons. Then you say “In the example above the salad came with Crispy chicken. This is deep fried chicken which is extremely unhealthy.” Well then DUH don’t GET the crispy chicken, they also offer grilled. Finally, you don’t even talk about fiber (of which this salad contains 29g — pretty good).

    Basically what you are saying is that any salad can be unhealthy if you specifically ask for the optional ingredients that maximize its unhealthiness (croutons, crispy chicken), and apparently put a ton of dressing on it — you would literally have to ask for a second packet of dressing in order to reach the fat levels you are assuming. Well …duh, ANY healthy food can be made unhealthy by loading extra crap on it.

  9. You pretty much agreeing with all her point, you just calling them obvious. You sir, are the example of an idiot. Not someone without knowledge, but a person with no comprehension, and also a hot head!

  10. Part of the problem with articles like this is they compare directly against a burger. Yes, the salad has more calories than a Big Mac – but a salad is almost always the complete meal. A Big Mag is a COMPONENT of a meal and is usually eaten with french fries.

    If you compare the salad against a combo meal sandwich + fries the salad is going to come out WAY ahead. Just drink water or a even a diet soda with it.

    Honestly, 600-700 calories isn’t bad at all for an entire meal, particularly depending on what target weight you’re trying to maintain. For someone who’s obese and just trying to get down to a “normal” weight a 2000 calorie per day diet isn’t too bad of a place to start. You do a 700 calorie salad (or equivalent) for lunch and dinner and you still have room for a few small snacks here and there throughout the day.

    I think this whole attitude is a big reason for some many people staying obese in this country. Too many “health” blogs speak as if you’re either going to be 400 lbs or you’re going to subsist on organic kale smoothies (or that 20 calorie no dressing side salad the article promotes which would have you quite literally starving to death unless you’re making up some calories elsewhere). They don’t leave any room for in between.

    If you can deal with eating a salad – even a fried one – even from *MCDONALDS* – it’s a lot better for you than a lot of the other options out there.

  11. When someone orders a hamburger from McDanolds, they usually get fries and a drink with it while most people who get a salad only eat the salad. Besides, human beings do require a minimum amount of calories for bodily functions. A 20-calorie salad for an entire meal is for an extreme diet. For people who are at a normal weight, even a 600-calorie salad (that includes dressing, croutons, etc) is not a bad thing since the average person will burn off 1500-2000 Calories per day.

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