How to – Exfoliate Before Waxing

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When using a waxing kit, you need to be aware that you should exfoliate a day or two before you plan on waxing your skin. Exfoliating is just another way of saying you need to remove the top layer of dead epidermis (skin) cells. Exfoliating will bring the small hairs up to the surface of your skin and help slow hair regrowth.

To exfoliate properly, run a brush over dry skin before taking a shower. In the shower, run a loofah sponge or mitt over your body, rubbing gently in a circular motion. Use a grainy cleanser with the loofah products and make sure you rinse well. Applying a lotion containing alpha or beta hydroxy acids after this step will assist in continuing the exfoliating process because the acids help break down the dead skin cells.

Before opening your wax kit, make sure that the hair you want removed is about a quarter inch long. If the hair is longer than a quarter inch long, use a pair of scissors to trim the hair to that length. If the hairs are not at least a quarter inch long, you will need to wait until they grow to that length.

You are now ready to wax your skin. Ensure the area you intend to wax is clean and dry. Use baby powder or talc on the area to make sure your skin is dry.

How to – Exfoliate Before Waxing

You will need to heat the wax. You may do so either by heating on the stove in a pot of hot water or by microwaving in short bursts. Read the manufacturer’s directions very carefully to ensure you use the product properly. If the wax is not hot enough or too hot, you will not be satisfied with the results.

Apply the wax to the area you want your hair removed using the tools included in your kit. Place a single cotton strip over the wax and smooth over the strip. Push or pat the cloth in the direction of the hair growth. Following the directions on the kit’s box in regards to how long you wait for the wax to cool, pull the cotton strip off quickly in the opposite direction that your hair grows.

You will need to wash and rinse your skin thoroughly after waxing.

Using a waxing kit not only is a convenient way to wax your skin, but it gives you more time to enjoy the smooth, silky skin you get after you use it.

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