Does Eating Chocolate Cause Acne?

Does eating chocolate make acne worse?


Rumors and myths about the correlation of chocolate and acne have been around for ever. Although it might sound like a false claim, chocolate actually does increase increase the prevalence of acne. The reason why it does is still unknown but a recent and reputable study has confirmed these hypothesis through a double blind, placebo-controlled, randomized, and controlled trial.

Consumption of chocolate correlates to an increase in Acne

In order to validate previous claims of chocolate and it’s correlation to acne, scientists developed a double blind and placebo-controlled study that was approved by the Institutional Review Board (1). They took males between the age of 18 and 35 with a history of acne and either gave them capsules filled with unsweetened 100-percent cocoa, hydrolyzed gelatin powder, or a combination of both. Then in order to track the increase in acne they took photos of lesions caused by acne. In only 4 days subjects who consumed the chocolate powder showed an increase in acne lesions on their face. This was statistically higher than the subjects who did not receive the chocolate. After 7 days the correlation became even more strongly correlated with an assessment of medium strength (1).

Overall this study validates claims that chocolate does indeed increase acne in males with a history of acne. The exacerbation of acne is seen after ingesting unsweetened 100-percent cocoa powder. Subjects who received the chocolate capsules received doses of 6 oz of 100-percent cocoa powder. Although a significant correlation was established, the reason why chocolate makes acne worse has yet to be studied. Most chocolate sold in stores is no where near 100-percent, so there is a possibility that lower percentage chocolate may not have the same results.


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Image Source (2): These are the results of a once a day ingestion of chocolate with the mean number of non-inflammatory lesions




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