Be careful of Starbucks’ white hot chocolate

Most people would assume that a cup of hot chocolate is pretty unhealthy. That’s pretty obvious since it’s steamed milk with sugar and whipped cream. The part that really surprises people is just exactly how unhealthy a hot white chocolate from Starbucks is!

Starbucks’ white hot chocolate (venti)

– 590 calories

– 23 grams of fat

– 78 grams of sugar

White hot chocolate has more calories than a Big Mac

This is the fact or statistic that might surprise you the most. A McDonald’s big mac has 530 calories, which is actually less than a Starbucks’ white chocolate coming in at 590 calories. Even if you order the smaller version of the white chocolate (Grande 160z), it’s still very close with 480 calories.

Big Mac- 530 Calories


White Hot Chocolate- 590 Calories


McDonald’s big mac label versus Starbucks’ white chocolate nutrition label

McDonald’s Big Mac nutrition: Click Here

Starbucks’ white hot chocolate nutrition: Click Here

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