Are avocados unhealthy

Avocados are healthy for you. Avocados have over 20 essential nutrients which include potassium, Vitamin E, B-vitamins, and folic acid (1). Although avocados are high in fat, they contain mostly monounsaturated fat. This kind of fat in moderation actually helps lower your cholesterol and is healthy for your heart (2). This super food is a great way to get your daily nutrients as well as protect your heart. Avocados do also have a lot of calories (234 for 1 cup sliced) so make sure you eat them in moderation if you are watching your weight. Remember, too much of a good thing is still unhealthy!

Conclusion: Avocados are very healthy and full of nutrients. Although they are high in fat they contain the healthy kind of fat which actually helps to lower cholesterol.

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